Friday, January 23, 2015

Wrapping Up With "No Name Calling Week" and Career Lessons

Today was our last day of "No Name Calling Week"! We finished up by showing everyone at the assembly today how many mean words we threw in the garbage and how many compliments we put on our "Wall of Compliments"! My No Place for Hate coalition members worked really hard on Thursday helping me tape down all the compliments kids had placed in our "compliment box"!


What a fun week it was with all of our activities! This week I also saw all of the PK, kinder, and 1st grade classes for guidance lessons. It was a little different this week because I couldn't walk out to the kindergarten annex because of my broken foot, so all of the PK and kinder kids got to come check out my office and watch a Howard B. Wigglebottom video on getting along!

Here are some pictures from last weeks lesson with 2nd and 3rd grade on careers:


We learned about what "interests" are, the difference between a job and career, and also wrote about what our interests are and some ideas we have for careers we may be interested in. We had a discussion about how our interests often match up with the careers we choose. No one wants to be in a career for a good portion of their life, if they have no interest in it! Please continue to have these conversations early on with your kids at home and about how important getting an education is. The earlier we start discussing this with them, the more likely they are to succeed, believe they can do it, and be prepared. College isn't always for everyone and it's okay if that's not what you choose, but we discussed that if you have a college education, you will have more opportunities, more choices of careers, and often times will make more money. It can also make you more desirable to hire and in case the career that doesn't require college falls through, you will have a solid back up plan.

We also talked about how we can always change our minds if we don't end up loving the career we are in; we have so many choices! I used the example that I was a teacher for seven years first and then I decided I wanted a change and went to grad school to get my master's in school counseling and now I love being a counselor! They asked if I would change my mind again and I said, "You never know, but I really don't think so! I love what I am doing and working with all of you!" :-)

Next week I will be in 4th and 5th grade classes to continue with career lessons. Have a great weekend!

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