Friday, April 24, 2015

STAAR Testing is DONE and Student Council

The major STAAR season is complete, besides just a few re-takes in May! We are so proud of our kiddos for working hard, staying focused, trying their best, and toughing out the last few days! We can all take a sigh of relief that testing is over for most kids! I can join them in that sigh of relief because in the last two days I finished packing up all the tests today, organizing all the materials, filling out all the forms, etc. and am ready to deliver the documents on Monday!! I still have a little work ahead in May with those who will need to re-take, but I am over the big hill and gleefully coming down! :-)

Today's assembly was bittersweet as we said goodbye to Dr. Mitchell, as she moves on to Gorzycki Middle School! We will miss her, but are also excited for her to get to start a new journey. Student Council got to announce to the school this morning about all the cool stuff we have gotten to purchase with all the money they have raised this year! They have worked so hard!! Last week I shared some pictures with you of the musical equipment we purchased and here are some pictures of the WOW equipment they purchased to play with outside and a new basketball goal for the younger kids to reach, so they can play basketball, too!

The kids will love playing with all of this new equipment and were so excited to see the pictures in the assembly this morning! A big thanks to all my Student Council members and any parents who have helped run our events or raise money!! :-) 

Next week, I can start getting back to normalcy with STAAR over and will pick up again with my individual counseling sessions and get back in the classroom for lessons soon! Have a great weekend!! :-)  

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