Thursday, April 2, 2015

Student Council Keep Austin Beautiful Clean-Up of Patton Ranch Rd.

We survived our first round of STAAR this week!! Everything went very smoothly and everyone did such a great job of helping to make sure the campus was a great testing environment. Before STAAR began, though, we got to have some fun last weekend with the Fun Run and a few kids from our Student Council group came out to complete another one of their service projects. We helped clean up all the trash that we could find on Patton Ranch Rd. as part of our commitment through Adopt-a-Street with Keep Austin Beautiful! 





The kids even found some interesting items, such as a pair of crutches and a toilet seat!! Who would've known those would be items someone would just toss on the street in front of a school??
We thought maybe they were Mrs. Baxter's crutches since she had knee surgery of few weeks ago...maybe she threw them out in frustration! ;-) Just kidding! They are not Mrs. Baxter's, but we decided to keep them since they were in good shape. You never know when we might need some crutches! :-)

It was a lot of fun to have us all together and for such a good cause! The street looks a lot better now and we collected a lot of trash!! Thanks to all the kids and parents who helped out with this!!

I hope you all have a wonderful three-day weekend and a happy Easter, if you celebrate it!

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