Friday, May 8, 2015

Being a Good Sport, Counselor for the Day, and NPFH Celebration

It has been another busy week getting back to being in the classrooms for lessons, having a student be "Counselor for the Day" with me, and having a pizza party for my No Place for Hate (NPFH) kids!! This week I was in PK, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms. We watched "Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship: Winning Isn't Everything."

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This is an important lesson for all children because they can get too wrapped up in who wins and who loses and lose sight of the fact that games are about having fun. We talked about what being a "good sport" and being "not a good sport" means and why people don't like to play games with those who aren't good sports. A good sport doesn't throw a fit every time they don't win, they don't brag and put down others, they pass the ball to their teammates, they congratulate the winning team, or say something like "good game" to a team that loses, etc.

After watching the video, we played a game where the students acted out different scenarios related to playing board games or sports on a team. They were to choose one scenario from one side of the bucket for me to read and they were to choose a card that would either say "good sport" or "not a good sport" from the other side of the bucket. If they chose "not a good sport" and a scenario that said they lost the game, they would act out something like yelling at the winning team and saying they must have cheated; or something along those lines. If they chose "good sport," they would say something like "Good game. We will try again next time!" Then, the audience each had their own set of "good sport" and "not a good sport" cards they would hold up to guess which one the actor/actress was acting out. They had a lot of fun with this and got to use the puppets while they acted! I will continue this lesson with 2nd and 3rd grade classes next week; slightly modifying it to their level.

In other fun news from the week, Olivia Greene from 3rd grade, Mrs. Grimm's class won the opportunity to be "Counselor for a Day" by winning the bid at our carnival's silent auction. She wants to possibly be a therapist for kids and adults one day, so this was perfect for her. She got to help me teach my guidance lessons all day, she helped me with a couple of "less private" counseling sessions that the clients consented to and even led her own counseling session for one of her friends who had been having issues with a friend. I was honestly amazed at how well she led that session and she gave her some pretty profound advice about a kid being mean to the client. One statement she made that stood out was, "Have you ever met someone who was mean and angry all the time on the outside, but happy on the inside? People who are always mean or angry usually have problems going on within themselves or at home." WOW!!! This all came from her own mouth without my help! We also got to go to Austin Pizza Garden for lunch together and she picked one friend, Emma Thornton, to come with us! She loved the badge I made her that looked just like mine! What a fun day and an awesome little girl to spend it with! 

Finally, I ended the week with a pizza party for my No Place for Hate coalition members! We celebrated all of our accomplishments throughout the year in helping to make our school environment one of acceptance, kindness, non-judgment, and one where there is no tolerance for hate. We should receive our official designation as a NPFH campus for the 2014-2015 school year in the next couple of weeks from the Anti-Defamation League and will receive a banner. 

They did a pretty good job polishing off a lot of pizza!!! I am surprised they left so much fruit behind! ;-)

Have a great weekend!!! :-)

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