Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Student Council Field Trip to Querencia Retirement Community and End of the Year Celebration

Last Friday Student Council got to have a truly great and meaningful experience by visiting the elderly at Querencia Retirement Community. The students were split up into three groups; two groups went to the assisted living building, while the other group went to the independent living building. I was with the group that visited assisted living and got to partake in some fun activities, such as bingo and balloon volleyball!!! The kids had so much fun doing this with the residents and were so kind in helping them to get the balloon or move their bingo pieces to the correct spot. It was really quite touching to see how they interacted and how nice it was for the residents to receive visitors, as many do not. They all really enjoyed their time there!!

Once we returned from our field trip to Querencia, we had a pizza party, courtesy of the Oak Hill Rotary Club! Students also received certificates for all their hard work on Student Council this year.


Our officers for the year were as follows: RyalJames Weldon-Carroll (President), Ridley Ott (Vice President), Caroline Latham (Secretary), and Raelen Espinosa (Treasurer). They each received a plaque along with their certificate!

It has been another great year with Student Council and they have done so much for the school!! I was happy to celebrate all of their accomplishments with them. Thank you to all of the parents who have helped volunteer in any way with Student Council this year, too!! Sometimes, it definitely takes a village!! :-)

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