Friday, January 22, 2016

Magical Feelings and No Name Calling Week

This week in kinder and 1st grade, we got to make some magic happen with The Magic Coloring Book of Feelings! The kids absolutely LOVE this lesson because they get to turn black and white pages on the book to colorful pages, by just "throwing" colors at the book while it's closed! After they have thrown their colors, I open the book and has gone from black and white to color in seconds!! They are always so shocked and you can hear all the ooos and ahhhs. Then I tell them to take the color away and the pages become completely blank! They end up "taking" the color and the pictures, so they have to put the pictures back. Finally, we end with making the book colorful once more! It really is so much fun to do this with them and they are so puzzled as to how it works, but I always tell them, "A good magician does not reveal their tricks!" ;-)

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This week was also "No Name Calling Week"! No Place for Hate was promoting a week of kindness toward each other all week and I think we were successful. For more specifics on what we did each day, see my previous blog post from last week. Here are some pictures of our finished products the kids got to show off at our assembly this morning. 

We worked hard yesterday taping down ALL the compliments the WHOLE school wrote this week and made a really cool "Compliment Wall"! We also filled up our "Mean Words are Garbage" bag with mean words kids have said to each other because there is no place but the garbage for mean words! It's been a great, positive, and kind week! :-) 

Have a great weekend!! 

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