Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kelso's Choices and Feeling Appreciated

Last week and this week I have been in all classrooms PK-5 and we have gone over conflict-resolution. As you can imagine with most classes having 20+ different little personalities, there might be some conflict once and a while! ;-) We kick started the lesson by watching a fun little clip that explains what conflict is in an easy and entertaining way!

After this we went over Kelso's Choice, which helps kids identify different ways they can solve problems, depending on what the problem is. We talked about how important it is to learn how to solve our own problems, without having to always go straight to the teacher or parent, because we will need to problem solve our whole lives. We went over Kelso's rule of trying at least two choices from the wheel before going to an adult for help with it. If they try two and are still having issues, then they can go to an adult. We also made sure to discuss that if the problem is a BIG problem or an emergency needing immediate attention, they of course don't have to try the choices first and can go straight to an adult.

We also practiced using "I Messages":

                                         Image result for i-message
Students were able to role play these messages with a partner, or using puppets for some of the younger grades. The upper grades were given cards with different scenarios involving different types of conflict on them to work out with a partner. We then finished up by watching a fun song that Kelso himself sings to them:

I also had a wonderful week last week because of School Counselor Appreciation Week! I sure work with an amazing staff and the best students ever at OHE because they all made me feel so appreciated!! I was showered with sweet notes, flowers, candy, a very touching banner, gifts, lunch, breakfast, etc.

Thank you SO much to all those who made me feel special last week! I absolutely love my job as a school counselor and love OHE! There is no better place for me to be! :-)