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This is my fourth year as the school counselor at Oak Hill Elementary School! I look forward to working with your children this year and there are several ways I will be doing that. I will be in each child's class every other week to give a guidance lesson. Sometimes I will see students for individual counseling and/or small group counseling. I am the "No Place for Hate" coordinator and will work with the whole school to obtain that status each year. I am also our school's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) facilitator and will be working to ensure our school's environment is one that promotes SEL. I do many other things on campus, but most importantly, I enjoy working with the students each and every day!

You will notice by looking at my office door, the above picture, and what I wear on our "College Days" at OHE, that I proudly received my bachelor's degree from Kansas State University! I have my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and I received my master's degree from Lamar University in School Counseling. Prior to becoming a school counselor, I was an elementary teacher for 7 years. I taught pre-k and 1st grade, but spent most of those years teaching kindergarten. This is my fourth year as a school counselor and I am loving every moment of it! 

My family is very important to me and you will see them in the photos below. We are a family that is very scattered around the U.S., however, so I spend a lot of time traveling to visit them each year. My mother, who is a teacher, lives in Las Vegas, NV. My brother, who is an environmental scientist, lives with his wife and my two nieces in Topeka, KS. My sister, who is an air traffic controller, lives in VA. Last, but not least, my dad lives in El Paso, TX, where I was born. We are a family who is not afraid to make a move, clearly. I have lived in El Paso, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Manhattan, KS; Harlingen, TX; and now finally my beloved city of Austin! I love it here and have no plans of leaving anytime, soon! 

My hobbies include, working out (weight lifting, kickboxing, Zumba, running), going to concerts and anything related to music, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, going to the lake, beach, pool, or any kind of body of water, and playing around with my two cats, Itchy and Tinkerbelle. I also love to travel and have made it a personal goal several years ago to travel to somewhere new every year. So far it has been a success!! I also love to dance and have been choreographing my own dance routines since I was in elementary school. I am excited to get to teach hip hop dance classes at OHE after school!! 

I believe that EVERY child can learn, thrive, be successful, and be brilliant, no matter their circumstances! While circumstances you are dealt can make things more difficult for you, with hard work, dedication, and an attitude of never giving up, I believe you can make anything happen! I am here to help ALL students achieve and be successful in their years at OHE by helping them through any unfortunate circumstances they are dealt; helping them learn how to handle the many emotional changes and feelings they will experience; helping them become socially and emotionally well-adjusted; helping to foster a warm, caring, kind, and nurturing environment; and coming to the classroom for lessons to not only help them learn how to help themselves and how to solve their own conflicts, but also to empower them to achieve, dream big, and SUCCEED! 

                                 I was excited to get to go on my first backpacking trip to Big Bend!

   Traveling is my favorite thing to do! I enjoyed going on a cruise with my best friend to Belize, Cozumel, and Roatan, Honduras! 

My mom's side of the family: uncle, mom, sister, grandma, me, sis-in-law, brother, and niece 

                                                         My brother, Javier; Sister, Christina; my dad; and me

   My niece, Annika,wanted to give me a piggy back ride!      

                        My mom; me with my newest niece, Lilian; my niece, Annika; and my brother!

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